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You are a Flaming Uke!

One of the easiest uke to recognize by sight. Your flamboyantly gay behavior makes it easy for seme to prey upon you, and that is exactly what you want, and you usually have a few tricks up your sleeve as well. You most often have colored hair, designer clothes, and eyes that are constantly roaming, searching for the perfect partner. You are best paired with the Chibi Seme, who will rise to your challenge with their mischievous nature.

Most compatible with: Chibi Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Opportunist Seme

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or get seme/uke merch..

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Digital Art
Hetalia, Loki, Thor, Danny Phantom, Any girl as long as you give me am image to base my drawing from, or male. Fully colored. just need an idea of what you want me to draw like a reference and payment.
Hetalia or marvel x reader Comissions
I will do Hetalia reader inserts with: England, America, Romania, France, Spain, Italy, S. Italy, Prussia, and lastly Germany... Lemons or fluffy/lemon stories. I want to get in the habit of doing some Thor and Loki stories, maybe even Tony Stark, and captain america.

I plan on doing more creature feature as in:
demon, sweet devil, angel, naga, dog, werewolf, frog prince (oh yeah i went there), incubus, vampire, neko, merman, and 7 deadly sins devils.

I'll even do normal stories just as long as you give me specific details. lastly reader can not be a creature what so ever.


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The True American Dreamer!
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
here are a view comic sites for hetalia

I like kingdom hearts, danny phantom, Hetalia, Mythical Detective Loki, vampires, harry potter, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

I have no art style.

Favourite genre of music: None
Favourite style of art: none
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Lion-o, Riku/ Roxas/ Sora, Sebastian/ Grell, Danny Phantom, Prussia/ Germany/ Italy/ Russia/ Austria/ America/England/France/Canada/Romano/Spain/Japan/China/Greece/ Egypt/ Rome/ Germania/ Denmark/ Finland/ Sweden/ Iceland/ Norway, Kevin E. Levin/ Ben, Rex/ Noah, Kuzco, Mickey Mouse/ Minnie, Donald's nephews, Lightning McQueen, Jack Sparrow, Robin/ Batman/ Flash/ Kid Flash, Human Torch.
Personal Quote:
Sora-"then our hearts will be one"
Ventus-"I've become a part of their heart just as they've become a part of mine... My friends are my power."
Sora-"My friends are my power.
Ventus-"And I'm theirs!!!!" to the epic battle. 3>:D

Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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You are a Innocent Uke!

Cute and sweet, and most gentle of all uke, whips and chains are not for you - you just want someone to love you. You are often spotted in candy shops wearing furry kitty ears, where you are sure to be noticed by the Romantic Seme, whose protective instincts will kick in and will only want to take you home and love and protect you. And you, of course, will be more than happy to spend the rest of your life baking cookies for your seme.

Most compatible with: Romantic Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or get seme/uke merch..

What Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You?
What Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You?
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It was another day in Florida, living with a bunch of morons, really you'd think living in a tropical paradise would have higher ups. Well, living in Detroit would be on the same level... That's sad, if your going to pick a place to live why not somewhere like England? At least they have winter...

Anyways, the new school wanted you to do a research paper on Egypt and their history... What's to say? They were conquers, Kings, believed in magic, and were also very smart... What happened? (I actually like ancient civilizations, Egypt, Greek, and Norse are my favs. When it comes to biblical references... I don't mix my faith with what I like. If I like ancient Egypt, I like it, I do care that remases the second was a jerk and his father killed innocent lives, but again I don't go around condemning the rest of ancient Egypt for what two kings, pharaohs... Did... Plus, Kings do what they believe is best for their kingdom, that said, a prince who is trained from birth to be a good leader should know what to do. Now since most of you know how much I hate Americas government here's my hate comment that has nothing to do with it... B.O. And his family should burn in hell, wait hell is too good for them, they should... If anyone hates them as much as I do, comment on what they deserve, please.)
Go from a culture that worships gods and goddesses with animal heads to... (I am not allowed to say anything about Muslim faith for I will be killed in an ally way then raped because I said anything about their faith. If this is not what Muslims do to those who besmirch their faith then by all means tell me what do they do that doesn't involve killing, raping, suing, and/or burning down churches. And yes I speak my mind because I won't let those who hold a knife up to my throat keep me from speaking the truth, that and if that scenario were to happen I would egg the person on to end my miserable existence.)

Anyway, a museum that had just opened, since my five months being here in this tropical hell, probably had some info on the subject. So I checked the place out. Not as big as the one in Denver, they had five exhibits: dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, astronomy, geology, and art. Quick look at the other four, boring, that's all I could say.

In the Egypt room, which was very empty... Glass cases of artifacts; jewelry, jars, and mummies. Stone tablets were on the wall, I looked at one, the picture looked very similar to me. Weird. That's all I'm going to say.

Suddenly a flash of light blinded me.

______ Atems pov_____

"My king, it is about time you choose a queen!" My adviser, priest seto demanded.

'I wonder if other Pharaohs go through this?' (Just as long as you don't act like an A..hole, when it comes to girls like some form of kings... Cough... Kuzco...cough!) "Seto I don't wish to marry anyone at this time!" I commented.

We argued for a while about the importance of continuing my legacy, "I do not wish to..." I blushed.

"To what your highness?"

"To... Have a child. I'm not ready."

"Sire you need to continue your legacy." I really hate these conversation, why can't we talk about something else?

"My king! My King! My king!" a servant girl ran up to us. Finally a distraction, what a relief, I smiled, "What's wrong?"

"There's a girl passed out in the royal gardens!" she cried out.

we rushed over to find a girl with brown hair, unconscious, I walked over to see that she was clinging onto what looked like a black sack. i tried to shake her awake. "I don't want to go to school mommy." i chuckled, that is the strangest reaction I have ever gotten. What is school?

Shaking her awake a little more. her eyes started to flutter open, they were the color of the Nile.

My POV~~~

I opened my eyes to see a star head boy. it took a minute to realize how hot it was. "Who are you?" he smiled.

"My name is Atem." he said, offering his hand to lift me up. I took his hand.

"Your the pharaoh?!" He blushed.

"Yes I am." He said with a smile.

"Please tell me I'm not in ancient Egypt!" I said.

He looked everywhere but my eyes, "I wouldn't say ancient, but yes you are in Egypt. Are you from Greece or Rome?"

"Aren't those civilizations still in the planning stages?"

He looked over at his friend who looked more pharaoh than him, and they began to laugh. "You're obviously not from around here!" They chuckled.

"No I'm from a land of tyrannical rule and oppression!"

They looked at me, "so your from the past?" (Biblical reference or B.O. Reference)

"Would I be dressed like this if I'm from the past?" You asked.

They shrugged, "the theif king has strange unusual friends!" Said the one in blue.

"Seto I highly doubt she could be associated to the theif king." The pharaoh said.

"Sire, You are too trusting for your own good."

"Um… Does anyone know how I can go back to my own time? I mean egypt is great, but I like the future and future technology too much." I said.

"I'm sorry, but we don't know how you came here in the first place." said the pharaoh.

"A spell can only be undone by the one who cast it." said the one in blue known as seto.

"So I'm stuck here with no cold air or at least entertainment!" I cried out, "How do you people live?"

"I don't know what you call entertainment in the future, but we entertain ourselves just fine." said the star head.

"How? By watching slaves work all day?" I said with sarcasm.

"How dare you speak to the pharaoh in such a tone." seto snarled.

"Its fine Seto." the pharaoh turned to me, "Why don't we get you a change of clothes then I can show you what we call entertainment."

Later on~~~

The servant girl was washing my body, "For crying out loud, I know how to wash my own body!"

"This is what the pharaoh has asked me to do." she said nonchalantly.

She gave me a white dress and a gold sash, gold neck and shoulder jewelry, and arm braces. "Well how do I look? Like an egyptain, or what?"

"Sorry?" she said.

"Geez, I'm going to be the only one with any idea what futuristic terms are."

"I think you look very lovely for someone from the future… who claims to be anyway." I looked behind me to see the star head pharaoh.

"Aren't pharaohs suppose to have their heads shaved?" i asked.

he blushed, "my fathered allowed me to keep my hair the way it is, why is there something wrong?"

"What? no its just books say that pharaohs wear headdresses and wear those beard things."

"Umm, I can't help what people have written in the future and with the false beard… they're very uncomfortable." he blushes, "So do you want me to show you around or are you going to keep asking me why I do certain things my way."

"Sarcasm…" i chuckled.

"You really think people in your time invented it?"

"No, that was buggs bunny!"


"If you were to come to the future you'd know why I want to go back." he shrugs.

So we spend a day on horses. riding around the city. Many different temples, merchants, and people. Strange… thats how I want to describe it. Egypt, land of sand and no water. We came back to the palace when the sun was setting. Well, that helps, a few thousand miles and few thousand years and Ill be home again.

Although it was fun, I had fun with the porcupine head. We shared dinner, it was roast goose and 'honey cakes'? seriously does this guy have a strange palette. although if he were to taste the stuff from my time, he'd probably hate it. 'id could go for a cheese burger right now…'


"What?" i asked.

"What is this future like, if you want to go back so badly." he asked. we were under the stars, must be a summers night since it was so peaceful and cool.

"Two words: Air conditioning!"

he chuckled, "I don't know what that is, but why is that so important?"

"You're use to the heat, I'm lucky to not be melting like a ice cube."

"You have strange similes. I don't know what an ice cube is?"

"I envy your ignorance."

he just laid his head down on the sand, "You truly are a strange girl."

"Ive been called worse."

"Like what?" he asks turning toward me.

"Stupid, idiot, and others, some that don't even ably to me since Ive never done the deed."

"People from your time sound cruel."

"You don't know the half of it, they're also vulgar, spiteful, crude, and very perverted."

Atem pov

I've never heard of such a world, I've been too sheltered by my advisors to know any of these horrible things. She looked up at the stars, "I wonder if mom and dad know where I am?" I glanced at the stars then back at her, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"Why are you crying?" I asked saddened. I miss my father as well, sometimes I feel it's my fault father is gone.
"Mom and dad are in the future and now that I know time travel exists, I want to stop all the bad things from happening. Like their death for starters."

"What if you can't?" I ask wishing I could take it back seeing that her face became red, "I mean can't go back to the future." Now I'm the one who is saying things without thinking. She just held her head down and brought her knees close to her head.

"It's not like I was born a princess, from what I've read and learnt the phrase birth-right means something. Plus, I'll be lucky to... End up in a museum in the future."

"I'm sorry."

"Please it's not your fault, I was the one who read a translation of a text on a scroll, so how could this be your fault?" She smiled. I've never seen someone go from sad to happy in the blink of an eye.

I show her to a guest room that use to be my mothers room before she became queen. "I'll try to help you get home some how." I said, before I was leaving.

She grapped my wrist, "please, I want to thank you and I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight."

I turned around and without thinking kissed her on the lips, my left hand cupped her cheek, my eyes closed. She was so new, she didn't talk to me like I was pharaoh, she talked to me as though I was another person, it was nice to have someone talk to me like that.

My pov~~~

'He's kissing me!!!! Why the hell is he kissing me? Doesn't he have dozens of girls to pick from? Plus he's a pharaoh! He's royalty! I'm not even allowed to scrape the gum off a... (Here's what I'd put in since I hate the White House: the ghetto White House American Demonic Angels shoes or the first bigs 24 karrot converse shoes! Because I'm white! Yes I said it because I'm on my lady days... So I'm going to say all that horrible stuff about how much I would love to see the White House whores boil in oil.) the whores in the White House!' I gasped during the kiss, he probably took that as an invitation to insert his tongue. 'Really doesn't he have many people to choose from, I was only trying to say thank you. Then why am I not fighting it?'

We parted, my eyes wide with surprise, his hand was still cupping my cheek. "I hope you sleep well." Then he left.

If I had anyway to confront him, but how could I when he's pharaoh. I laid my head down on the bed, which was comfortable for an Egyptian bed.

Atems pov~~~

'Radammit, I forgot to ask her, her name. She must think I'm as horrible as the people from this 'future', I hope she can forgive me.'

Next day~~~~

The sun has risen to another day, 'I hope she slept well.'

My pov~~~

'I actually slept!?' I get up to see another dress put out for me. 'Great I wonder what he wants to do today?'

After putting on the clothes, the servant girl comes in, "my lady, the pharaoh wishes to see you."

"I know."

"He wants me to escort you to him."

Just walking five minutes, "it's so hot, how do any of you stand it?"

"Actually we don't notice much." She said.

And there was the pharaoh, siting at a table with his advisors. The one that looked more pharaoh than him, a girl, an old man with one eye, a magician, a bald guy, and another man. Six advisors total, the young servant girl bowed and left. Then all the rest bowed and left leaving us alone.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked.

"Yeah, for the first time in three years." I said.

"Would you like to join me?" He asked.

"Sure." He was eating bread and fruit.

"Are there genies in this world?"

"What are genies?"

"I guess that's another culture."

"You're not going to tell me are you?" He asked.

"A genie grants wishes."

"Sorry, we don't have those here."

"Thought not." I said, "what do you have?"

"Magic spells that only trained magicians are allowed to use."

"Would one of those spells be able to send me home?"

Atems pov

I sighed, "yes there is one, the mirror of Isis. But you can only go for a little while then you have to come back."

"Great, at least I get to go home for a little while."

"Unfortunately two go and the same two come back." I could tell by the atmosphere she will not approve this.

"Then let's go!" She said with high spirits. 'She really is insane!'

We snuck to Mahads room to find the mirror, "by the powers of the hippo, crane, and crocodile, I, the pharaoh wish for the power to go through time, to what will be, take me to where I command, so say the pharaoh!" A flash of light, we were now in...

A... Strange new environment...

"Great, we're back home!" She was heading into the building, "aren't you coming?" I walk in with her.

"Why is this place... What's the word? So great, I guess?" I really hate sounding like this.

She laughed, she sat down then laid down on a large cow hide seat. "Go on sit down." I was looking at the strange decorations.

"What is this?" I picked up a brownish item.

"Eww, don't touch that!" I set it down, "why? What is it?"

"It's a beverage that makes people stupid!"

"You mean alcohol!" I smirked, so people from this time haven't advanced from that.

Then someone came in, "oh, hi Lexi!" This young man said waving his hand.

"Hi, Jordan." Lexi, 'I keep forgetting to ask her her name,' snarled. If I had to bet she doesn't like him at all.

"And you are?" He asked.

"My name is... Yami." Knowing full well that I'm dead at this point, this young man shouldn't know my name, I hope.

"Nice to meet you, anyways, hey Lexi can you take me to the store I need to get something's."


"Food! What else do you get from the store?"

"A brain or a girl friend who is actually willing to be your taxi driver!" I chucked at that.

"It's because I'm black isn't it? It's because I'm black that you won't do favors for me anymore!" Is he serious? That is the most pathetic excuse in the name of ra I've ever heard. "Do you want me to sue you for that!"

"Fine, whatever, I'll give you a ride!" Why did she just give in?

"Good and while your at it after we go shopping and put everything away, you still owe me that one time!" I look at my skin for a second then look at the young man who makes the theif king seem like a friendly fellow. If this is how people from Egypt (and the rest of Africa) are going to act in this current future, then I hate this future. Who is allowing this... Hatred between something so trivial as skin color.

The young man left, "how can you live with that?"

"Truthfully, and I don't know why I'm being truthful about him, he usually doesn't act this way. It's probably because he feels threatened."

"How can you fouch for him? He's horrible to you! Why do you want to come back to this time anyway?"

"Feh, everyone knows he's all talk. Plus, it gives me an excuse to show you around."

After we went to what Lexi calls a Walmart, we came back only for him to start interrogating me.

"You better not be taking her!"

"Excuse me?"

"You know what I'm saying porcupine head! I already own her!"

'Is he serious...' "Sorry, I don't know what you could possibly mean."

"She's mine, she already fell for the Jorden charm."

I would laugh if this kid wasn't so pathetic, "I'm sorry, is that why she gives a face of distaste when you enter the room."

(Seriously a cock fight: Yugioh Vs. Some random kid with a Tiny $&:@. Not that I know that. Everyone whose giving me looks can go suck Prussia's five meters, although half of you would enjoy that! And do I have to say it again: ich leibe dick, Bitches!) (side note I need chocolate and sour skittles)

"No she doesn't, that's the face she makes when she knows josh our room mate is coming out of his room!"

"Excuse me, whom?"

"She was probably making that face because you were in the room."

"Do you even know her parents?"

"I know they're dead!"

"..." "Don't have a good comeback do you, have you had sex with her?"

I punched him in the face, the brat fell to the ground, I looked at my hand just realizing what I had done.

"Yami?" Lexi was right there in the corridor, her expression was enough to tell me what I had done.

I rushed past her until, she grasped onto my wrist, she was smiling at me.

"Yo, lex, I could use a tissue!" Is he really that stupid?

"Why? I'm not your mother! Go find someone else to baby you, and if you don't like it you can take it up with yami!"

"But... We have so much in common!"

"Get a life, oh and get yourself a new face, your going to need one!"

We were able to get what she wanted, her momento and jewelry. Apparently, there were a few things that she couldn't leave behind.

We came back, "I really don't see the appeal of the future."

"Again, air conditioning!"

I shrug it off, nothing could compare to Egypt in my opinion.

I was in the garden hopping she would...


"My king, we have word that the theif king is planning something terrible!"

I turn to Lexi, "I have to go."

"Wait, yami... Could you tell me why you, umm..." She glanced at my guards then back at me.

I dismissed them, "now what is it you want to ask me?"

"Why did you punch Jordan? I mean, thank you, but why?"

Why did she have to ask a question that involved no rational thought and pure instinct, "I didn't like how he treated you as property." No I didn't like the thought of someone as Distasteful and ill mannered even touching your hand let alone going that far with you.

"There's something else? Isn't there?"she asked.

I turned away, "why would you think that?"

"You're blushing!"

"Alright, yes, I love you, and I dont perticuraly admire the way his affection was shown by treating you like hippo dung! does that help?"

She hugs me, "where were you when I was treated badly by my middle sister." I hug back.

End of flashback~~~~

I had asked her if she want to become my queen. If she did, meet me in the garden, if not, I'll understand, after meeting a man like that, I wouldn't have a very good opinion about they're kind. How could my people become like that after 5 millennia? I guess becoming full of themselves and believing that they deserve more then what they earn... (Isn't that the $&@! Truth! Aka White House FUCKERS!)

Suddenly I was tackled, "that's not smart, showing your back to the enemy!"

She kissed my lips, "it's not like you know how to fight! For example!" I switch our positions to where she was on the ground and I was straddling her.

"Always turn the battle in your favor!" I smashed my lips on to her.

"Anyone who watches tv knows that basic rule." She smirked as she wrapped her arms around my back and hooked her legs around my waist.

"So you accept?" I asked smirking.

"Yes, I love you forever and always."

Time skip~~~~

I couldn't believe it, she agreed. Although, she wanted to say her final goodbyes to her world, the future, no matter how much I hated the place, she wanted her family and friends to know that she was safe and sound. Using the mirror once more we brought with us some gold pieces which she told me would go for so much in the future. I didn't know we would become wealthy here. All I did was bring a few gold pieces, and a sattle of silver. We looked around a few jewelry stores to see that they had no ideal wedding band.

My future queen was talking on this blue box, "hey Sarah! Guess what?"

My pov~~~



"I don't know?"

"You have to at least try!"

"Umm, jimmy fell down a well? I don't know!"

"You're hopeless! I'm getting married!"

"That's great... To who?" She says nonchalantly.

"I can't tell you on the phone, but we're having the wedding at Disney world and you're the maid of honor!"

A week later, I told my land lady that I'll be getting married and moving away right after the honey moon, she's allowing Yami to stay at the house for the time being.

Atems pov~~~

I'm really reluctant to stay in this time, especially to wait until we can have our ceremony. Apparently, people in this time do things differently, for starters; people are very violent, people are very arrogant, and people are very rude to one another.

"Why is this future so appealing to you?" I ask.

She sighs, "I guess the expression to each their own."

"I'm sorry?"

"There's something appealing about this place that I love, and there's something appealing about Egypt you love," she said which makes sense, "of course you're pharaoh, so you have nothing to complain about..." She said under her breath.

"I do have a few things to complain about you know." Her eyes grew wide. "Yes, I can hear you."

"Like what?" She turns her head.

For starters, every princess seems to care more for their beauty then the people, my advisors especially Seto is a pain to keep happy and off my back. "It's hard to explain." I simplified.

She looked away, we were at the house... That's what the term is called, there was a knock at the door, "hey could you take me to the store please?" Not this again.

Lexi got up to answer, "you want to repeat what happened last time?" She asked.

"No I just can't get anyone else to take me to get food. Please, I'll buy you dinner."

I didn't understand what was going on, "you do know I'm getting married right? So why would I want to go out with you?"

"Please, I have no one to hang out with. And you're the only one who gets me."


"I need food, please how can I change your mind."

I got up, it's really hot here in Florida, in Egypt I don't notice as much, well I didn't have a shirt on, I came up to get this brat to leave us alone and the first thing that comes out of his vulgar mouth is; "OH, you'll fuck his (color) C<%k but you won't dare touch or put your mouth on mine!!!" This brat is really getting on my nerves. I ask Lexi to go back into the room, "What? Too much of a gentleman to have a girl fight for you?"

"You are really getting on my nerves! Do you even know how to talk without sounding like you're a imbecile."

"Oh, and your mr. Perfect aren't you? Guy who steps on c<%ks."

"How exactly do I step on... Whatever those are?"

"Were you living under a rock? Cocks are male gentiles."

"Why would I be stepping on those?" This boy is not only nasty but incoherent.

"You really are stupid."

I chuckled, "yes, I'm the one trying to... What is the phrase you people use, 'hit on' another people's lovers."

"Hey, she was mine first! Then one day you somehow come along and fuck it up. Do you even know how to make her scream."

My eyes became wide, this brat really doesn't care for her at all, all he cares about is that my future queen is useful for his primal needs. "Let me ask you something and I better like the answer, or as I've been told we can file sexual harassment charge against you."

"What you can't do that, she owes me..."

"Do you want me to ask the question or are you going to continue on this path, now the question is: do you love her?"


"It's a simple question, your reaction is not helping the answer, now do you love her?"

"Well yeah I love her..."


"I gave you an answer, then tell me why you love her?"

I smirked, "she has qualities that no girl can compare, she can easily tell me what she doesn't like without worrying about who I was, she's kind and considerate, thinks about those around, and cares more about other people then her own beauty."

He rolls his eyes, "so you're one of those guys. Who looks for personality then a girls pretty face, you need help."

"And you need to find someone else to harass or else we're going to call the authorities."

"You can't part with her for an hour just to get food. She'll be back, so you two can go back to whatever you two were doing."



"If you're little preverted mind can't grasp the idea of two people talking, then it's obvious you're very immature."

"Had more action then you dude."

"Whatever helps you sleep, now please leave the two of us alone."

It took well over an hour to get that brat to go away, Lexi was reading something on her blue box. "Sorry about that."

"I just wish the little jerk would leave me alone."

I got back into bed, as I had already said this place is hot, Egypt would feel comfortable right about now. We just laid in bed and talked, Lexi was the only one who could drive, and that made it difficult for the two of us to go anywhere.

We were going to have our wedding on a day that celebrated freedom. Lexi wanted us to have a wedding in the castle.

Her eldest sister was happy to hear that she found someone, her middle, not so much.

Time skip ~~~~ wedding ~~~~~

After the wedding and honeymoon, I can see why my queen likes the future.

We traveled back to the past only to the exact moment we left.

We had to do another wedding, and coronation for my queen.

After the festivities, we were finally alone, all I wanted was to truly embrace my queen and show her how I feel. She was happy to be with me, we finally got away from those immature children. Worried that I couldn't pleasure her the way some child thought he could. My queen is very kind.


"You're angry that boy actually touched me, aren't you?"

"He said he knew how to make you scream."

Kissing me on the cheek, "no matter how skilled his dirty hands are, he doesnt have the ability to make me desire him."

Smirking, I kissed her neck, "thank you."

End of flashback~~~

Caressing my queens inner thigh, my other hand fondled her breast, kissing her lips then her neck. "I desire nothing more than to hear you speak my name." My fingers found they're way into her entrance, all Ive wanted since we've started becoming close was to be connected body and soul.

The future made any noble intentions of loving my queen seem like a sinful act. My queen felt distant towards me, since she had her most prized items in hand. I didn't know how I could show my affection without coming off as perverted or as the term horny. Seems that this world is terribly different.

"Yami..." She whispered.

I kissed her neck, "call me by my true name." My fingers slid inside her slick walls.

"Ahh-tem, there." Her voice was bliss. All I wanted was to hear her voice scream my name.

Positioning myself, "tell me when you are in pain, my love."

Slowly entering her, "ahh." I stopped, noticing tears rolling down her eyes, "please don't stop, I want you more then anything." She kissed me on the lips.

I continue, fully sheathed in her warmth, all I wanted was her.

Time skip~~~

After that night I had everything I coul ever want. Too bad a year later I was to be cursed by a magician with the ability to curse me in a snake like form.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle surrounded by an enchanting forest. Soothing waterfalls, happy birds chirping, floppy eared bunnies hopping and munching on green grass, squirrels pick up acorns from the ground or trees to store for the winter like little hunter gatherers. 

The castle was ruled by two princes, one with fair golden locks and aqua eyes. The other with raven hair and emerald eyes. Both were just and fair, but greedy and sometimes could be lustful. The two had terrible tempers, although the older one, with golden hair was better at staying calm, the younger was easily angered if rejected or even disobeyed. The older was only angered if told he was stupid, hideous (which was very rare to never happen, unless told by his younger brother), lied to, betrayed, or given something he hates such as a book or arts and crafts the children in the castle made, he was not really fond of children, however he would say thanks and through them away later or give them to his younger brother since he liked the children's work. 

One day, a old beggar woman came to the castle to ask for shelter from the bitter cold. She offered a rose in return, however both princes dismissed her, the younger one sneered at the rose, the older prince just said No. Her ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful entrantress both of them tried to apologize, well, more like older got on his knees and begged for foregivness and the younger one sneered and said, "well, if she appear at our door in that beautiful form we wouldn't have said No! Now would we?" 

The entrantress put a curse on both princes and the entire castle, and all who live there. Well I believe you know where I'm going with this, Right?

To break the spell put on both of them, they would need to fall in love and have that love be returned. In other words... He loves she and she loves him back! Easier terms for the older one to understand. "I AM NOT AN IDIOT, BROTHER! I UNDERSTAND ENGISH JUST FINE!" Said the older. 

"Then how come you get mad when you recieve a book for your birthday, hmm?"

"..." "Because I see no reason to read a book with no pictures!"

"Hence you have no imagination, hence, no intelligence, hence, you are an..."

"Say Idiot one more time: YOU WILL DIE!!!"

--------------------------- both of them fell in despair well the older one did, the younger one had fun torturing the older one----------------------------------
And lost all hope... For who could ever have it in their heart to love monsters----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A young girl with brown hair and sapphire eyes, wearing a pure white sundress with white slip-ons and a aqua blue bow at the waist. Her waist was tiny, but that didn't stop her chest from being big. A d-cup breast size, not that showed her cleavage to people. This one dress showed, although, she was more the innocent type. If someone touch her she'd be clueless to what was going on. Anyways, she loved drawing and reading. She goes to the book store everyday, to buy a new book and her drawing supplies. All the villagers thought she was weird, well except the villages Hunter/ handsomest man that every girl dreamed of having for a husband, well except for Lexi, yes the young girl's name was Lexi. 

Lexi sat down and was reading her new book when the towns sexist jerk-off took the book out of her hand:

"Francis may I have my book back, Please?" 

"How can you read this there are no pictures?" 

"You know some intelligent people have this invention called imagination, smart people use that to make up the pictures in this other thing called a mind. Oh wait I forgot you don't have one." 

"..., still can't find any pictures, this books worthless." Then Francis threw the book in the mud. Lexi picked it up, "anyway, lex, you should stop reading those things, it gives those ideas, then you start thinking." 

"Francis that is why I can out smart you in any game of intellect." 

"Well good thing there is no such thing now is there, am I right, buffoon?"
(hello war is in a way a game of intellect, you need strategy to beat your opponent).
The two morons laughed, then the little guy made fun of lexi's brother. Lexi got mad and scolded both of them, Francis hit the little guy on the head for making fun of lexi's brother, then an explosion came from the house. The two stooges laughed it up. 

Lexi goes to check on her brother, he is fine just working on another invention. This one should chop wood and make it more convient for the farmer or house hold. With lexi's help they finished and he was off to show off his invention.

Alex took a wrong turn at two cross roads. Now he and tiffiny the horse were lost. All they could hear were wolf howls. The horse got spooked and ran for it. Poor Alex staied behind, and was chased by wolves. He found a gate and got through, closed the gate as soon as possible, and walked in the castle. He was confused for never heard of a castle, although the halls seemed deserted.  He found a room lit, he walked in hoping that someone could help him. Instead, he saw two comfy chairs next to the fire. He sat in one, the red one. A kart wheeled in with a pot of tea and a cup. A little foot stool was suddenly in front of him. He had a planket on him and there was tea in his cup. Now, he was really confused. Suddenly, he heard a roar and the room became 50° Colder...?! 

The horse returned home with no brother, Lexi was worried. She hopped on and raced to go find her brother. 

Time skip-----------

Lexi was brought to a room on the east wing of the castle, with both creatures on either side of her. The younger one thinking of all the sexy things he could put her in and all the fun he can have with her since her skin didn't burn at his touch. The older one saw hope, for he could finally have his normal body back and his beautiful face while his brother is the one he makes fun of. They both thought cruel thoughts. Lexi was thinking of someway to escape for she saw the same look in the one with blue skin as she did in Francis's eyes whenever he talked to her about how he wanted a sexy wife. She felt sick to her stomach, she did not want to become their toy, Lexi wanted to be with her brother and have adventure. 

The older one invited Lexi to dinner, but in a harsh way, the younger was snickering. Lexi fell on the bed and cried, for the next three hours. 

Three knocks on lexi's door, in came a tea pot, tea cup, and cream and sugar. Well Lexi was thirsty so she drank some, she then noticed an elegant red dress. (Truth be told the wardrobe was rooting for the older one). (Anyone with intelligence roots for the younger/ anyone with lust roots for the older).

lexi shook her head, she was not going to dinner with two scary creatures. 


"Why is she not down here yet?" The older one asked in anger (more in frustration).

"Maybe she got enough of your animal magnibtisum, or maybe she hates your breath as much as I hate you shedding all over the place!"

"Do you really want to die or just mad because she's going to be mine and not yours?" The older one smirked.

"I have more of a chance then you do, you are the reflection of a ram, wilder beast, and rabid wolf. What I am... I still have a human like form only I freeze whoever I touch." A tear trickled down the youngers cheek. 

"So in other words, your as cold as your frozen heart and I'm as fluffy as a big teddy bear with mixed animal attributes. I do not see how you will win here?"

The door opened and there was no girl. The younger was about to laugh at his older brother, till, she walked in wearing a blue dress. Well it was not like either were going to complain about the dress color, because she actually showed up. Which surprised the younger brother, in away though angered the older since his favorite color was red, but he was pleased the color she picked was not green. 

Lexi held her head down not wanting to have a fight or hear the beast scream at her. The layout of food looked good, roast beef, potatoes, turkey, etc. she had not ate like this ever. These two must be rich!! (Well duh they life in a castle.) Anyway, Lexi had to sit in the middle of both of them. As not to cause a fight, the air was tense, the older didn't want to say anything because he wasn't winning, the younger one had nothing to say for he knew this was killing the older one. 

"Umm?" Both looked at you, "nice castle you have here!... Why are you two beasts?" Wow that was blunt... Not like we can talk a little get to know each other or anything... Just get straight to the point. The younger one was like great! We have an idiot. The older was isn't it obvious?

"brother you tell her!" Older to younger.

"Why it wasn't my fault!" Younger to older.

"Doesn't matter who's fault it was just tell her!"

"Why are you not capable or to prideful to admit you're wrong?!" 

"Please just tell me I don't care who's right wrong or whatever! I just want to know! It's obvious you two have been enchanted, but why?"

The younger was glad you weren't a moron, "Fine, on a cold night an old beggar woman came to us for shelter, she offered a rose inreturn. Well the big oaf here said no to her!"

"I wasn't the only one, you were the one disgusted by her appearance and sneered at the rose. I was being honest, we truly had no room for her to stay, so I said no."

"Liar, we had plenty of room! But those rooms were taken up by all those trophies you keep hunting for, I mean how many moosen, wolves, reindeer, seals are you going to kill? You even keep a few in my room. Those things creep me out at night. Well anyways, the point is he's the one who got us cursed and now we have to break it."

"and how will either of you do that?" 

Both shrugged. They didn't want Lexi to know, for if she knew what was in store for her, she would run.

Next day, well, it wasn't that Loki liked to wake up early, but he wanted to have first dibs on Lexi today. Lexi was outside feeding the birds. Still in a blue dress. She did not choose a favorite yet, she had no idea though about the younger brother talents in the mystic arts. He turned himself invisible, he was thankful there was no snow yet. Just the foot stool also known as the dump dog the little boy had to have. 

He blew in her ear, Lexi jumped at 
reader x loki/thor beauty and the beast
this might be continued if i'm motivated for all of you who want me to continue my work I'll continue my work if people donate...

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Loki thrusted inside at a perfect pace, fast, hard, and deep to the point it would hurt. You wanted to be in this sexual frenzy for every night for the rest of your after life. You promised Loki children everytime you had sex with him, Loki found this to be perfect for him, he gets an army of undead vampire soldiers, bred to serve him and be loyal to him and as a perfect bonus he gets a queen that will always be fertile and will be happy to breed him as many as he wants, and will always have everlasting beauty. Will never have to worry for her since she can adapt to any Terrane or weather and is a day walker. And she's a princess, well hidden in the Midgardian realm by the king of vampires. Dracula's most prized treasure, his one and only daughter. She left when the avengers destroyed the first castle, Dracula thought the avengers took her. She was found by Loki once he got out of Niflheim. Loki was so angry he wanted to kill Thor right then and there until he saw the most beautiful pale lady he's ever seen. Dressed so elegantly, her hair down shining like silver, her eyes like crimson the color of passion. She was in a cloak trying to hide her majestic beauty from his lustful eyes. 

Wrapping his arms around her waist, "lost my darling?" 

 "Please let me go, my father might find me and kill you for touching me!"

Licking her neck she moaned, "I do not plan on letting such a rare flower leave my grasp so easily, and I do not plan on diing today. No mere mortal is a threat to me, and besides I plan on keeping you for myself." His hand crept through her gown and began to worm it's way into her panties, he began to finger her slit, never before did she have this feeling, it felt so good, her lust took over.

Later that night, Loki took her virginity, although she was the best he he ever had. He came so much, that he want three more rounds with her. To Loki this was going to be a one night stand, but instead, he fell deeply in love with her, not just because she knew exactly how to please him, after that night of sex... Her tummy was swelled to the point she was ready to pop, if he took her to a mortal doctor there would be some problems, if he took her to Asgard he would go to a cell and she would be treated then go to his cell. 

He had to help her, she was still asleep, he placed a sleep spell on her to make sure she wouldn't wake up, although that didn't help since after some liquid peed out of her onto the bed, she screamed. Loki sighed, "well I guess you'll be awake when they come out." 

After pushing for a while two baby boys were born. Just one more had to be born. She pushed one last time and he was out. You were glad and confused. Why did you get pregnant in less than 12 hours after you had sex.

it turns out vampires have quick prenancies and birthes than humans do. The babies were put in a different room, and Loki came back into bed. 

"Would you want to do that again?" Was his reply. You glared at him. Your the one doing the work, getting pregnant and giving birth... All he's doing is planting his seed inside you... How is that fair. 

Loki knew what your glare meant, "you want something in exchange for all the work? Yes? What about become my queen and have servant wait on you hand and foot? Anything you want? Name it, it shall be yours!" 

"What I want, no humans hunting me down... I want freedom, I want to go anywhere at any time! I want to have no worries like the old days!" 

Loki didnt know how to word this so he said, "if you become my queen you no longer have to worry for your life for I will protect you, and keep you safe. I will let you go where ever you wish as long as I'm there with you."

you were niave back then and what he promised sounded perfect. Until now...

You were queen, servants did what you demanded, of course, your king expected from you, children, sex, and everything he loves about you. 

No matter how many times you tried to convince your self that he did not satisfy you, it didn't work, he made you wet just by being with ear shot. His voice turned you on, his body triggered you to climax with out him even touching you, his eyes made you crave him, his best friend made you crave to have his children. How very sad when he was so very angry one night so he took you in his jottun form, that body caused you to convulse on his cock which he only thrusted a few time till you suffocated him. He came so much he had to use a spell to keep all the extra cum inside you. He kept filling you so much that you felt like you were on a warm fluffy cloud. Your tummy bulged out, "more, I want more, so good, ah-hha... I want more inside me." Loki wasn't about to ignore your pleas for sex, so he took you all night long. Your boobs were now a size F, your tummy was huge carrying many children, and Loki was still inside you. You both fell asleep, Loki felt liquid stream down his lap, he woke up instantly, he noticed you were the size of a boulder, he snickers a little than realizes this could be dangerous for you. He's now agrey with himself now that you could die from giving birth to that many children. 
After I died in my world, something's happened during that time and I traveled to another universe to start collecting heart shards to gather enough power to get revenge from the guy who killed me, (if any questions go to yugioh x angel reader) by killing me, I have found out that gathering heart shards and harvesting their power would give me a body and the ability to take down the evil tyrant who has destroyed my world and my home.

Thirteen evil heart shards and 8 pure heart shards would create a weapon that would easily stop the demonic rule of B.O. and his lackies.

The evil hearts would be:

Vlad masters
Peter Pan (OUAT)
Noah Kaiba

Pure heart:

Danny phantom
Captain America
Young rumple

Let the story continue:

I woke up outside a similar building resembling the ovaloffice, reminds me of pac-man, I looked at my hands to see that they were metal and claw like. Touching my face, hoping I don't look like betrayus, trying to take out my phone only to notice that it was not there. Luckily it was on the ground were I was unconscious.

"Hey, can you believe we haven't seen a ghost all day today!" I heard Pac say with delight.

"Dude, careful you don't want to jinx it!" Said spiral laughing.

They were about to round the corner, I had to think of something fast, never had I have the unpleasant pleasure of having my eyeballs spat out, and I don't want to start now.

"Hey do you guys smell that?" Pac said.

"No pac, what is it?" Asked cylli.

"It smells like lunch!" Announced pac. He opened his despenser and got into battle mode.

I summoned my weapon, the keyblade: Darkside kingdom key.

"Ice to see you, again Batrayus, ready for lunch!" I turned around, "wait a minute your not Batrayus!... Doesn't matter, you're going back to the netherworld!"

I stared at him, "aren't you going to talk back?"

"I'm ready, bring it on!" He sighs, "it's not the same when the ghost actually fights back, but hey, in hignsights this will be better! Get ready for the Pac!"

Meanwhile in the netherworld:

Batrayus pov

"Ugh I'm so bored! Why hasn't hinnyhead planned up any new take over pac-world schemes!" I complained (more like whined.)

"Your slugs, sir." Butler brought me my mid-day meal.

"Is there anything on, except happy go lucky pac-worlders I need some entertainment!" I turned on the slug came to see nothing, nothing, nothing... Flip the switch five more times, passed the pac-brat fighting a ghost that looks a lot like me! I go back and see this ghost actually winning:

"You're good... With whatever that giant key thing, but not good enough to stop, Pac-Panic!" I feel sorry for that ghost... Kinda.

"Aeroga-Flame!" A whirlwind of flame surrounded her!

"Woah!" "Yikes!" The Pac-pest and his friends scattered, "noway you can fight her pac!" Said the red one, "I didn't know Batrayus had such a powerful ally!" Said the pink one with pigtails.

"All right you win, this round, just don't hurt anyone, please." Is that the pac-pest begging for mercy!

"Is it my birthday?" I said with tears in my eyes.

"Could you show me where Batrayus resides!" I went wide wided, "what!"

"Sure!" Said the pac-pest, "you're not working for Batrayus?" Asked the red one.

She shruggs, "how can you not know?"

"I don't know, you guys assumed I was on his side, not what I call a heart felt welcome."

"She definitely has your charm, sir."

"Shut up, Butt-ler!" I point to the four bumbling idiots, "you four go get her and bring her here!"

"Yes sir." They left.

Back to my pov.

"So you see president Sphereos, this new ghost has nothing to do with Batrayus's army." Said Pac.

"Doesn't matter Pac, What matters is that she burnt half the garden."


"Sorry doesn't bring back the pigonyas, my dear."

"Okay maybe this will, CURA!" I shout over the garden and wave my keyblade. The flowers bloom instantly. Everyone was wide-eyed.

"Well, never mind then, where are you from since you're the first ghost with these amazing talents."

I look away, "far away."

"Have you ever met my parents?" Asked Pac.

"Sorry, but no."


"Hey sorry to brake up the love fest but lord B wants her to meet him pronto." Said pinky in a snarky aditude.

"WHAT!" The Pac team said in unison. "But pinky, if she becomes an ally to betrayus he'll be unstoppable!" Said Pac.

"Duh we know that!" Said inky.

"Yeah, unfortunately we need to bring her to betrayus since... Um." Clyde stopped mid-sentence.

"Lord B has a thing for her!"

"WHAT!" The trio said once more.

"Yeah, it was love at first flame." Said Clyde.

Pac turned to me, "You don't really want to go with them do you?"
Hey I'll be working for the next 4 months and won't be able to post lemons or stories of any kind for a while. please don't be mad, I'll try to post as much as can on christmas and christmas eve and new years and new years eve.

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