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Disclaimer: I only own Wil. As usual the link to her outfits are on my profile.

I sighed while looking at myself in the full length mirror. I wore a black flowy type skirt with a shimmery silver ruffled tank top, matching silver flats completing the outfit. My hair was up in a perfect bun with my bangs on the sides.

Should I really go? He does seem to have changed. Maybe this one date will make him back off. After all I'm not that interesting. I sighed one last time and grabbed my purse before leaving the house, making sure to write a note explaining where I went then locking the door behind me. Vincent(Dr. Whale) was working and Allen was in another AA meeting.

I decided on meeting Mr. Gold at Tony's Pizzeria. Their spaghetti was to die for and it was only a ten minute walk once I took a short cut through the alley next to the bakery.

I walked a bit faster through the alley not only because I was a few minutes late but because it was dark out. Since it's January the sun sets around 6:30. My date was at 8.

Suddenly, my left wrist was grabbed and my arm twisted behind my back. I cried out in pain as a crack sounded out signaling that my shoulder was dislocated badly.

"Shut up!" a man's voice whispered loudly as a hand clamped over my mouth. I was then slammed against the wall. I let out another scream against his hand after hearing more cracks. He reeked as if he hadn't showered in weeks. My chest erupted in pain along with my face and forehead as it scraped against the wall. I felt a gun being put to my head.

"Drop the purse, now!" he commanded. I sobbed as I did as I was told letting the strap slip off my right shoulder and onto the ground. He let go of me and snatched up the purse before running off into the night. I collapsed onto the ground sobbing as I held my chest, too afraid to even attempt to move my left arm. Blood trickled down the side of my face.

"What's going on over there!" I heard a faded voice shout as I lost consciousness. They were too late.

Mr. Gold continued to glance at his wrist watch multiple times as he waited. She was late. Half an hour late. He was seated at a table on the outside patio of the restaurant with a clear view of the street and sidewalk. He heard sirens and saw an ambulance and a police car speed by towards the bakery. Maybe that gingerbread man finally keeled over.

He sighed and checked his watch again as he twirled the red carnation in his hand. He was hoping it would trigger her memories or at least something in her but now he was beginning to think she stood him up.

9 o'clock, he stood up and put money on the table for his drink before he began to head home. He should of expected this, he shouldn't have gotten his hopes up, and he shouldn't feel so disappointed.

"Hang in there Miss Birch." the paramedic said as the ambulance raced to the hospital. Wilhelmina was still unconscious with a nasty bruised gash on her head. They had already popped her arm back in place and were now checking her vitals.

"It looks like some of her ribs might be cracked or broken. She's hyperventilating. We'll need to get an MRI of her chest stat." another said.

"Jeez, who could of done this. This is a peaceful town."

"I know right?!"

It didn't take them much longer to arrive at the hospital.

"Wil!" Dr. Whale exclaimed her name in surprise when he saw her knocked out form on the rolling hospital bed. He turned to Dr. Red.

"I'll handle her, she's an intern of mine." Dr. Whale informed Dr. Red.

"Are you sure you'll be able to? You might be too emotional." Dr. Red replied. Dr. Whale sent him a glare.

"Get her out of those clothes and into a hospital gown, make sure there's no metal on her then get an MRI of her chest." a paramedic informed a nurse. She nodded and did as she was told while the paramedics left the doctor and his nurses to do their job.

I woke up with a euphoric feeling, but still able to think semi-properly. A strong floral scent reached my nose and I looked around. I was in the hospital surrounded by flowers and cards.

That's right! I was mugged! I pushed the button that would call the nurse and waited. Not even a minute passed by before Vincent rushed in out of breath. I smiled softly. He returned the smile albeit his was more worry filled.

"How long was I out?" I asked at the same time he asked, "What happened?"

"About two days, what happened?" he answered before repeating his question.

"I was mugged, some guy took my purse after slamming me into a wall and putting a gun to my head." I answered angrily. Never in all my life would I have expected to be mugged in Storybrooke.

"That's what everyone was saying I just wanted to make sure it was true and know." he trailed off not wanting to mention his father. I nodded understandingly. He picked up the chart at the end of my bed.

"Well the paramedics popped your arm back in place but you still need to let the bruising heal so you'll need to keep it in a sling, your left collarbone is cracked slightly, your left lung is only bruised luckily not punctured, and two of your ribs broke. The scratches on your face will heal just fine, you did have a concussion. Everyone was worried you would slip into a coma." he finished. "You've had a lot of people very worried." he gestured to all the flowers and cards. I chuckled. I was still feeling out of it due to the pain killers.

"I'll let you rest some more, just hit the call button if you need anything." he said before putting a TV remote on the little tray attached to the bed. He handed me the stick with the button to push if I felt any pain. I smiled at him before he left the room. I turned on the TV but was barely aware of what I was watching. I must be on some strong pain killers.

Sydney White came in the next day when I was feeling more aware to do an interview on what happened although I didn't have much to say. I never got a look at the guy, only smelt how much he stunk. It turns out he stole a car from Boston and booked it here thinking it was a small enough town he wouldn't be found. He was here right under our noses since December only just now getting caught. He was now headed to Boston jail but the case was still in court so no one knew how long a sentence he would get.

I was asked to be a witness but refused because once again, I never saw what he looked like so I wouldn't be any help at all. I was very grateful that I wasn't raped. I had enough of that for one lifetime thank you very much.

The new sheriff Emma Swan stopped by dropping off my purse and belongings. Only $40 was missing.

Once my ribs were healed I was aloud to leave the hospital. It was around the first week of February. My arm still in a sling because the first time it wasn't put it the right place so instead of relocating it, my shoulder had to be broken and set in the right place to heal so I'll be wearing a sling for a while. Good thing I was right handed. I was prescribed pain killers for my headaches and arm.

I decided it was only fair if I went to the pawn shop to apologize for not showing up to the date but I was sure he knew why by now. I was the talk of the town.

The bell ringed as I entered, Mr. Gold looked up from what he was doing, paperwork. I smiled awkwardly and avoided his eyes.

"I wanted you to know...I didn't stand you up on that date. I was kinda..."

"Mugged, yes I heard. I hope you're alright." he looked to my arm as he spoke.

"I'm better, still recovering but better. He only got away with some money anyway. I got everything back. They say I was lucky to not go into a coma." I said and shrugged before wincing in pain at my shoulder.

"Shouldn't have done that." I said before chuckling nervously. "Anyway, yeah I just came to apologize and thought it was only fair if we...rescheduled if you're still up for" I felt really uncomfortable, not being used to having a normal conversation with him. His eyes filled with relief, joy, and hope at my words.

"Of course, only if you'd like to that it. I know that you're not very fond of me. I don't think any one is actually." he muttered the last bit in a slightly sad tone. I almost snapped at him 'well maybe if you were nicer to people.' but I kept my mouth shut.

"Sure, same place and time, tonight?" I asked.

"I'd like that." he smiled. I nodded. We stood in awkward silence before I spoke.

"Have a nice day then." I said leaving the shop quickly before he could get out a reply.

Night came quickly and I was dressed in the same outfit I had originally planned on wearing to the date, only this time I took the long way there instead of going through the dark alley way.

When I arrived he was already waiting, sitting at a table on the outside patio. He stood once I reached the table.

"You look stunning." he complimented and handed me a red carnation. He seemed nervous, as if he would mess up or say the wrong thing. I smiled and said my thanks while looking at the flower. I furrowed my brows at it.

"Something wrong?" he asked. Was that hope in his voice? I shook my head.

"No nothing. Do you think we could eat inside? I forgot it was going to be chilly." I asked. The snow may have melted but it was still pretty cold out and it was too painful to put on a coat. I was almost unable to put on my top.

"Sure." he answered while smiling. We went in and were seated immediately. The night was awkward at first but once my pain medication kicked in I was a little more open and relaxed as well as talkative. He really has changed a lot. He was nicer, to me at least. More of a gentleman. The spaghetti was delicious as usual. He payed the bill and we went our separate ways after agreeing to another date this time a place of his choice. He offered to walk me home but I declined, not wanting him to know where I was staying in case a repeat of before happened.

Each day after that he had scheduled and paid for a florist to deliver a single red carnation to me every day. The florist knew who I was and in turn knew where I lived so Mr. Gold still didn't know where I resided. Until someone opened there big, fat, abusive, alcoholic mouth.

Valentines Day was when the AA meeting was most filled since a lot of people get depressed when they are alone on that day due to being single, unloved, or their loved one had passed away. The meetings were held in the church with a nun or a recovered alcoholic hosting them.

Allen Whale was the last to leave the meeting after he talked with his sponsor. Mr. Gold was waiting outside for him.

"I was told you would be here Mr. Whale." Mr. Gold spoke while his hands rested on his cane in front of him. It was around mid-day lunch time.

"I thought I told you my son was in charge of the rent now." Mr. Whale said moving to continue his walk home but Mr. Gold's cane stopped him in his tracks.

"You're not the one that decides that Mr. Whale, I am. The rent is due today and it has been doubled." Mr. Gold wore a smug smile.

"Doubled! Wh-what for?!"

"Busy season, I'm sure if you're unable to pay it I can find someone else to move into your home." Mr. Gold added as he began to walk away.

"No wait! I can get the rent from my son, and Wilhelmina! I'm sure she can pay her due!" Mr. Whale exclaimed causing Mr. Gold to stop in his tracks. His smug smile faded. He didn't care about Dr. Whale but Wil?

"And what would Miss Birch have to do with your rent?" Mr. Gold questioned calmly although on the inside he was raging. She was staying with this...disgusting excuse of a person?!

"She's been with us for some time now, ever since Vincent found her staying in the hospital a couple months ago." Mr. Whale informed Gold. Mr. Gold was silent a moment before he started walking away.

"I expect to have the money by the time my shop closes Mr. Whale." he called out while he headed back to his shop. 'So she was staying with Victor again. He would be mostly fine if it were only the doctor but it was Alphonse or rather Allen as well. That was past his limits, but it would explain how Allen had gotten a hold of her and...assaulted her. Mr. Gold didn't know if it would be enough just heightening the rent. Things might need to get more...physical. His knuckles grew white as he gripped his cane harder and walked a bit quicker.

Closing time couldn't have come any slower. As he locked up the shop there was no sign of Mr. Whale so Mr. Gold headed home to get He's have to be quick for he had a date with Miss Birch at nine.

Upon his arrival however, his front door was ajar. He pushed it open a but more with his cane before entering cautiously. He wielded a gun that was in a drawer in a stand near the door. He heard clinking coming from the kitchen. Either the robber was making a sandwich or stealing the silverware. Mr. Gold slowly entered the kitchen quietly and was lucky to have the robber's back to him. Gold moved quick and hit the thief hard with the butt of his gun, pistol-whipping him. Out like a light, and what do ya know, it's our dear Mr. Whale. This would save Mr. Gold all the trouble of finding him.

Mr. Gold duct-taped Mr. Whale's mouth shut after tying his wrists together behind his back. Gold waited until it was dark before he shut all his porch lights off and brought Mr. Whale's body to the open trunk of his car. The darkness making sure he wasn't seen, even if he was, people were to afraid of Mr. Gold to cross wires with him.

Mr. Gold closed the trunk then began his drive to his cabin in the woods. Halfway there he heard bangs from the trunk telling him that Mr. Whale was awake. Mr. Gold smirked lightly.

Once they arrived he unlocked the cabin door and opened it then turned the safety off on his gun and opened the trunk. Mr. Whale's muffled but fearful cries greeted him causing him to smirk. Mr. Gold pulled him out roughly throwing him onto the ground before pointing the gun at him. His cane in his other hand.

"Walk." Gold commanded once Allen was standing. Allen did as he was told and walked into the cabin. Gold shoved him onto the chair in the corner than ripped the duct tape off Allen's mouth.

"I bet a drink is looking really good about now." Mr. Gold teased darkly. "You've done a lot of things to piss me off, but what you've done to Miss Birch just tops it all off Allen."

"I was drunk and not thinking, I didn't mean to do that to her." Mr. Whale pleaded before the first hit landed. Mr. Gold struck Mr. Whale's face with the cane. Allen spit out a tooth. His body quivered with fear.

"Oh I don't think it was the alcohol. You believe she owes you, don't you?! Her father may have had a life debt with you but she shouldn't be the one paying. The. Price!" he shouted, slamming the cane onto Mr. Whale with each word.

"I never knew her father!" Mr. Whale sobbed. Mr. Gold tilted his head. Damn. Different world, different memories.

"You still had no right to do what you did. You hurt her! Now she sees herself as damaged and unwanted and it is all. Your. Fault! She is a beautiful woman, so beautiful. And you took advantage of her." Mr. Gold exclaimed as his hits became nonstop.

"I'm going to make sure you never hurt her again." Rumpelstiltskin whispered darkly as he was about to deliver the final blow but a hand grasped his wrist. He turned enraged to see Emma, the savior. Concern, sadness, and disgust were in her eyes. Gold frowned and relaxed his hand allowing Emma to take his gun from his other hand.

"I caught him in my house stealing from me." Mr. Gold explained, believing it was a good enough reason to be doing what he was doing.

"I think this is more than that." was all she said.

Half an hour later paramedics were loading a broken, bruised, and bloody Allen Whale into an ambulance. Mr. Gold was watching while leaning on his cane. Emma walked over to him after talking with the medics.

"So, I heard you managed not to break anything he needs. You're lucky, Mr. Gold." she commented while shaking her head.

"You got a funny definition of lucky." he replied

"You have a funny definition of justice. What did he really do?" she said while putting a hand to her hip with a look that said 'I'm not buying it.'

"He stole and broke into my house." was the only answer she got. Emma scoffed.

"That reaction was about more than taking a few trinkets. You said something about how he hurt her – what happened to 'her'? Who was that? What did he do? If someone needs help, maybe I can help." Emma offered. Hoping to get something out of him.

"No. I'm sorry, Sheriff. I think you heard that wrong." Mr. Gold lied, playing it off as if he was hiding nothing. Emma let out an annoyed sigh as they watched the ambulance drive off.

"You really don't want to cooperate?" she asked

"Look, we're done here, I have somewhere I need to be. I'm late enough as it is." he said before moving to get into his car and leave.

"Actually we're not, you're under arrest for battery, assault, and vigilance." she said while handcuffing him before informing him his rights.

I sighed as I paid for my drink then got up and left the restaurant. Mr. Gold finally changes for the better and once he does it seems his interests have as well. Or maybe this was his way of revenge for me not showing up to that date, but I had a good legit excuse! I can't believe I actually started to trust him.

On my way home I saw the sheriff's car pass by and waved. Emma was an awesome gal. I wish I was more like her. Confident, beautiful, strong, and not at all like the shy, damaged girl I am.

Mr. Gold sighed frustrated as he saw Miss Birch walking home from the restaurant. She appeared disappointed and angry. He was just getting on her good side.

"It was her wasn't it?" Emma asked, breaking through the silence.


"It was her that Mr. Whale hurt wasn't it? I was going through the records one night and found her case. He assaulted her before-"

"Yes I'm aware of what he did thank you." he seethed, he didn't want to hear it, he didn't want to acknowledge the fact that he wasn't able to protect her from Alphonse, like he promised he would.

"Look I know he got away practically scot free but that doesn't mean you should take justice into your own hands." Emma spoke.

"I believe you should just mind your own damn business, Miss Swan, and stay out of mine." he commanded her angrily. She scowled but said nothing otherwise.

A week after Valentines day I heard the door to my shop opened. I assumed it was the delivery boy with a carnation. Mr. Gold still sent one each day. With my arm fully healed now I was able to re-open my shop and I've been busy all day, healing my plants the best I could, filling prescriptions, accepting 'We missed you!' cards.

"Just a moment!" I shouted from the back. I finished misting the plants.

"Take your time dearie." he called back. I froze before sighing. What does he want now? I walked out front and looked at him with my arms crossed and my hip cocked.

"I know you're angry with me but please let me explain." he pleaded, looking genuinely apologetic while holding out a red carnation only this time it was made of glass. I softened my glare.

"I'm waiting." I snapped.

"I caught Mr. Whale in my house stealing from me. I knocked him out and took him to my secluded cabin in the woods where I thought we would be undisturbed. I...angrily beat the life out of him, well almost. Sheriff Emma arrived to save the day. I was arrested and spent the night in jail. I've been busy this whole week with court or else I would have seen you sooner." he said the last bit annoyed as if he actually wanted Mr. Whale dead. I wore a surprised look.

"You did that to him." I asked while pointing to him surprised. He nodded half guilty but I could tell he didn't really feel regret. I hugged him causing him to tense.

"Thank you. You have no idea how much hate I have for that man. He deserved what he got." I regarded softly. Mr. Gold relaxed and sighed as he hugged me back softly. I pulled away and he cleared his throat awkwardly while smiling as I accepted the glass flower from him.

"He informed me that you are living with him and Dr. Whale." Mr. Gold commented. I sighed but nodded. He might as well know.

"Well, if you want to, I've been needing help keeping my house tidy and I have a few extra empty guest rooms. You're welcome to stay in them rent free if you'd like." he offered. I was filled with uncertainty as I furrowed my brows and looked away.

"I don't know."

"I'll even let you off on paying me rent for this shop." he said.

"And if I don't accept?" I questioned. He shrugged. You can still stay here rent free but I think Mr. Whale will start asking you for your cut of the rent. I did double his rent just recently and he's going to have hospital bills." Mr. Gold added. I sighed. I'd rather deal with Gold then Whale any day.

"One month." I said. "I'll move in for one month but if you try anything..." I trailed off letting the warning hang as he put a hand up in surrender. Although there isn't much of a threat seeing as I would have no where to go if I moved out.

"Absolutely, I understand." he smiled wide, happy with my answer.

"I'll send some helpers to help you move your stuff." he informed me. I nodded my thanks. He stopped with the door open.

"Emma would like to see you by the way. She wants you to open up a case and press charges against Mr. Whale. If you need a lawyer, I'd be delighted to help." he said smiling and pulling out a card from an inside pocket of his suit. I quirked my head as I took it. On it was his name, number, and occupations: Lawyer/Attorney/Loan Shark/Pawnbroker

"You're a lawyer too?" I asked.

"Among other things." he chuckled before leaving. I smiled softly. 'Maybe I should press charges, but Vincent would get mad at me.' I thought. 'What am I to do?'

R&R sorry it took a while to update. I'm really behind on the show. I've only seen up t season 3 episode 3. I'll catch up as soon as I can but lots of bad things have been happening. I'm trying to find a surgeon to perform surgery on my back cause a recent MRI showed I need it which explains the tear jerking pain I've been having. My body has also been making itself sick with social anxiety/anxiety/panic attacks and I'm trying to find a psychologist that accepts my insurance. Social Security also stopped my benefits because they don't think I'm disabled even though my disability shows up clearly in MRI's only but they took an Xray. Since I am unable to work due to my back I need to sort this out.

The only good things coming up is Megacon 2014 in Orlando(a convention I'm going to) and a camping trip in May. I need to work my butt of finishing my poison ivy cosplay but I'll do what I can with my stories.

Once again I'm so sorry it took a while to post something. I'm also in the middle of writing a Fable fanfiction and 5 books.

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I like kingdom hearts, danny phantom, Hetalia, Mythical Detective Loki, vampires, harry potter, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

I have no art style.

Favourite genre of music: None
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MP3 player of choice: ipod
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Personal Quote:
Sora-"then our hearts will be one"
Ventus-"I've become a part of their heart just as they've become a part of mine... My friends are my power."
Sora-"My friends are my power.
Ventus-"And I'm theirs!!!!" to the epic battle. 3>:D

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Which Hetalia Character Are You?
Which Hetalia Character Are You?
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Hetalia or marvel x reader Comissions
I will do Hetalia reader inserts with: England, America, Romania, France, Spain, Italy, S. Italy, Prussia, and lastly Germany... Lemons or fluffy/lemon stories. I want to get in the habit of doing some Thor and Loki stories, maybe even Tony Stark, and captain america.

I plan on doing more creature feature as in:
demon, sweet devil, angel, naga, dog, werewolf, frog prince (oh yeah i went there), incubus, vampire, neko, merman, and 7 deadly sins devils.

I'll even do normal stories just as long as you give me specific details. lastly reader can not be a creature what so ever.


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