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With your mother and father recently died in a car crash because of a really bad thrunder storm, you really had no faith in the world you lived in. No faith in your friends, your support system, no one you could rely on could help you through this difficult time. It hurt to be alive and go do the fun stuff you use to enjoy. No one could help, you trusted no one. Your heart felt so heavy that all you wanted to do was stay home and lay down in your bed and cry. School seemed to be last of your priories since you had no mom waking you up to get ready for school, no dad reminding you or assisting you with your math homework, or your mom making you a sack lunch or dinner since you are in college. If you were in high school, man you would be dead meat, but hey look at the bright side of that, if you were going to high school and the trying officer came to your door to arrest you mom and dad, at least you wont feel guilty for your parents going to jail. Hey who am I kidding, there is no bright side, you rather have your parents alive more than anything, right? Those kids who talk Ill about their parents don't realize how great they got it until their gone. 

You tried to think that your parents are in a better place, but if they had to go to a better place why couldn't they take you with them or why couldn't have been someone else who died in their place, (like a certain family who are living like gods off your parents money and forcing rules and tradition down our throats).

Authors comment ( May skip if want to, I do recommend skipping)
 (Sorry in most my stories you're going to get many complaint from me and if you are a fan of B. O. And his Hoe, than please don't read my work instead of leaving a nasty/ rude/ sarcastic comment about how I'm a racist beeb and that I should go to hell along with my deaceased parents, because it's bad enough I don't have a mom and a dad anymore, but really their lucky to get out of this hell. So please if don't like just don't read unless you want Loki then that's something we can all agree on.)

(F/n) was looking through her great-grandmothers books and trinkets to see what she could easily sell on eBay, storenvy, and esty. You found a few red, black, green, orange, blue, pink, even some unwrapped candles that read only-use for summonings and spells. You awkwardly laughed at that, "oh so grams was into black magic." (No in truth those were put there mystirously by someone else: naw just kidding, but actually those belonged to your dad's mother's mother. Her ansetry goes way back to the dark ages in England and Denmark. Weird combo I know). You scavenged through the box to find a ancient spell book. The pages were really old and fragile, one bend could easily turn the page into dust, maybe. 'Heh they actually had books during that time,' some old people scream at you in the background, you laugh in your head. You were mostly thinking of captain America and how he was all like, "what the hell," he turns around looking at everything in bewilderment, "am I in some sort of other demension? Where are the flying cars?" He looks up to see J. Jaws talking about Spider-Man, "why are there boxes with moving pictures? How is that man's face so big and what is all these honking sounds, make them stop, God please." You chuckled to yourself, that is how Captain America reacted in your head. 'So funny.' 

You began scanning the yellow stained pages of the very large hard back book. There was a chapter for love spells, how to change your appearance, even a chapter on how to create the perfect man to love you forever. You turned to that chapter, "how to create the perfect mate, one that is loving, protecting, and only cares about you and only you. The perfect mate will never leave you, he'll stay with you forever, and there's a warning if the creator of the perfect mate falls in love with someone else there will be desaterous consequences. Sweet, since I can't find a man that will ever love me for me and not for my body than I'll do it." You were excited because you had the perfect man picked out for the longest time; Loki. 

All you needed was the 6 pink candles and red and pink rose dust mixed together. Unfortunately you only had 4 pink candles, and enough random color roses to make the dust. So you improvised. Unfortunately no one ever told you the few rules of spell casting, one of them is never improvise. You get totally mixed results. So you created the dust needed, you used one black and one green candles since Loki's color is green, black, and you added gold shavings to the dust. (Man you must really want something bad to happen). 

You drew a magic circle just like it was drawn in the picture, then set the candles in each circle, you took a pin and drew blood from your finger to add to the magic circle. Then chanted the magic words including the name of the handsome man you wished to be yours and yours alone. 

To be continued...  
I'm starting a new story line... I know most of my stories are unfinished and I need to get back to them and well, I just don't seem to have time since I'm still in college semester and I have homework and all this other crap I have to concern myself with, but there are some stories that some deviants do that inspire me to write so I wrote this one and I think I'll keep going until i hit another dead end.

anyway, Here is one that I thought could explain both the reader's and Loki's Perception... So This one is about how the reader lost her parents and hates whats going on in reality, P.S. if you are a fan of the Prez. please don't give me hate comments because right now i'm going through a hard time and I really don't need to hear, "oh he's perfect, oh he's handsome, oh i want to have sex with him..." those of you who do well #1 you sicken me... #2 I hope you guys like the fact that the hawaii he's from is in Kenya. Yeah that's right there is a Hawaii in Kenya, man no one does their fricken geography homework. how sad really. #3 you can keep that puny mortal while the awesome people who only care about LOKI and THOR and the Avengers will be over here having a pool party while hulk does a cannon ball.

Anyway, if you only care about the story than it is about the reader doing a spell turning loki into a demon... Wasn't he one already? well to the asgardians he is! to the fangirls in this reality he is the most devilishly sexy mischief god in all of fandom made real. oolala. I know most of you girls would go into bed naked with him, Maybe... I know I would. Me saying that personally.
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Avengersasemble123 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
Isn't 'yours and yours alone' from when Tom is reading and says 'mine and mine alone' from The Red Necklace?
mermaidfan Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Student General Artist
I never read or listened to that audio book but thank you for giving me the name now I have to get that audiobook.
Avengersasemble123 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
No problem, I listen to half of it on YouTube. I think it has the whole book...
CleverMessenger Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
mermaidfan Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student General Artist
why thank you. :D
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