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June 24, 2012
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Snakeman England X vampire!Reader in
Sadistic Compromise
Chapter one: Let's make a deal. Crazy old stalker
Flames burned the village I lived in. red, yellow, orange danced on the buildings that once kept save and snug. Waves of heat and ash swept in the wind as the fire found more victims to ingest. The hunger of the fire was unstoppable. Buildings crashing down as people screamed for their lives. Running like helpless animals, with no hope of survival. The demons of wrath would be laughing at this scene with a bucket of popcorn. Oh how our village has fallen. All hope was lost to us. As for me I was crying in a blanket taken from my home. The person's face was shrouded with a vial. Once the person and I got to the destination he put me in a coffin and lulled me to sleep before he did something that changed my life forever. He licked my little neck, that way it was clean from any dirt, than without warning punctured his fangs in me. Demon venom slowly coursing into my veins, he licked the wound closed and left me to sleep.

Time Skip:
Third person view
______ years with Ronald Chantelle have been great but she want to have her own life now. He is reluctant but understand for a girl that is 218 should have a life other than sitting around in a stupid castle all day and have everything her heart desires. She is happy that she is free; he gives _____ a bag with a few containers of blood and send her off. He hopes the best for her.

______ (POV)
'It's been two weeks and now I regret leaving that bastard.' 'okay sure he sometimes hit on me tried to rape me and get me drunk on a really stupid drunk person's blood and take advantage of me. But I now regret leaving that ass.' I huffed. I was stuck in the middle a weird forest, I never been here before. I sat down for aching limps. 'man I wish I had some blood soon. I feel so week.' That moment I heard leaves rustle behind me. "huh." I looked behind me. Nothing? 'eh it must have been a bunny.' Then more rustling, I felt something smoothe on my hands. I jerked my hand away. Suddenly my lower body was wrapped around, and my arms were pinned down. I looked up to see a guy.
The guy had emerald for eyes, catibillers for eye brows and his hair looked as though the good had blessed him with hair as bright as the sun if I ever could see the sun. I heard it was hot, bright, and yellow. The only thing that through me off with him is that he had a tongue like a snake. He stared at me like a meal; he sniffed my neck, well more like licking it. I guess that nose is just for show. I took this opportunity for his exposed neck and bit him hard. I heard him scream. But I was too busy drinking his blood which really tasted good.

Arthur's POV
'What the Fuck this girl has the gull to eat me, I am the predator. Not her. I knew she was a vampire but she is weak.' I pulled away just in time to see her eyes glow red back to (e/c). I never noticed she had those eyes. They really do sparkle with that gorgeous (h/c) of hers. 'Crap what the hell am I thinking I am not looking for a mate right now I am looking for food, which I bet she is to.' I sighed, 'well I guess I can make a deal with her if I can have a family with a mate a beautiful as this one than I will give her the blood supply she needs.'
"Huh hello snakeboy," 'if I can get use to her snobiness. "Yesss?" I said in the most respected manner I could muster.
"Are you going to eat me already or keep me here all-night until the sun comes up?" She sneered
I sighed I let go of her arms, my nail dug into her skin so I had some of her blood dripping from the tips. "Ahem are you going to let go of my legs." I chuckled at that demand
"Nope." I mused. She looked at me with wide eyes. For once she didn't get what she wanted. She try to struggle but, 'this was amusing since she was weak from lack of blood.' "You want to be let go, Love." I smirked. She nodded.
She looked down like she was a wounded puppy in trouble 'rattles' she was adorable. "I'll make a deal with you. If you become my mate than I'll supply you with all the blood you need. Sound fair, love?"

_____ POV
'What this guy tries to eat me than want to have a family with me. Not what I call an adventure.' "Fine." I said
here is a new story. I know you guys want me to finish my other one unfortunatly my computer sucks and doesn't want to charge well my mom got it fixed and we're broke now i have to wait till i can get it back and these ideas are poping up like crazy. So i give you this. :iconeriko-neko: , who is doing a request for me with the same idea. i just did this one since for goodness sake there is hardly any snake or naga englands for crying out loud. we need more and how bout america as a snake he would look adorable. and italies and prussia. how bout france. we also need more vampires. not just the nordics and russia. we need the sexies like england america, canada, maybe france spain and prussia, and of course italy. For god sakes there is no italy vampire ones except for maybe five. america maybe 4. and also incubi america england and canada.

that is all my complaing. :iconcalmdownplz:

Next chapter [link]

Idea belongs to me
england and america belong to creator
picture belongs to :iconshiraae:
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