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Chapter three: Has the witch won; I may have you forever.

As the day progress, you slept soundly unaware that you were being watched. Outside a group of creatures was on their way to kidnap you. A snake, an incubus, and a demon snuck into your room. They gazed down at your unconscious form; smiles grew on their demon like faces as they took off the blanket. Your body, a marvel to behold. The way your hips sculpted your butt, those large mounds made the incubus drool, your waist so tiny and dainty.  They wanted to ravish your succulent body. Those arms not fit to fight and the way those legs made for an acrobat. The incubus picked you up in his arms. With a comfortable sigh in your sleep, they ran off making sure to cover you from the sun.
A few knocks on the door, "Oi, poppet, I made you some blood pudding and some "tea" that might make you feel better." No reply… "Poppet?" he opened the door to see that you were gone.
"ALFRED, COME DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!" Arthur demanded. He was tapping his blue Italian leather shoes. Arthur heard stomping upstairs; he must have awakened the dog from his slumber.
"Dammit Arttie, I was having a great rampaging dream and you just had to wake me up from it you ass." Alfred screamed while he stormed down to Arthur, "have you ever heard that damned saying "Let the sleeping dog be" Ass?"
Alfred reached Arthur were Arthur had a very angry expression on his face, "Okay, one; it's "let sleeping dogs lie" and two; someone or something has taken _______, Git." He screamed in Alfred's face. Alfred was unfazed, "So…" Arthur was about to blow his top. "So… so…. SO, YOU DOG WE'RE TRYING TO TAKE HER BACK TO HER WORLD OR TIME, YOU GIT!" he bellowed the house shaking from his voice.
Alfred just put his finger in his ear and cleaned it out; flicking whatever substance was on the tip of his pinky. "Do you even care you sorry excuse for a guard-dog?" he just stood there having his head turned the other direction, "no not really." "You are the sorriest excuse for a guard-dog I have ever adopted in this house. Could you at least track her scent, you damn dog," he sneered.
"Whatever, if it will get you off my ass?" Alfred transformed into a dog and used his nose to smell the room. He roamed the room for a few minutes; smelling the bed, floor, window, door, anything that could have a trace of her or the kidnapper. Alfred became human again, his face had a worried expression (that's hard to believe since he acts all 'I don't care what happens to this bitch just as long as I have someone to fuck when I'm pissed-off and horny.') "Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio were here and they took ______ the bastards."
Arthur growled under his breath, "Damn that frog, always has to take what is mine and keep for himself." The two of them turned around, it was Arthur the Naga. "What are you Gits waiting for let's get her back." Arthur was slithering toward the door but stopt by Arthur the vampire.
"We can't it is still daylight and umm…" Artie stuttered.
"Umm, what my wife is out there, I have to save her." Arthur declared.
"The problem is you can't, moron, here anything that the frog wants from us that we don't take care of he takes and keeps." Alfred jumped in.
"What, who made up that idiotic rule?" Arthur snarled.
"Francis, Alfred, Ivan, Gilbert, Antonio, Ludwig, Feli, Lovino, Kiku, and Me." Artie said sadly.
Arthur was about to cry, he could never have you back, that bloody Witch won. He was never going to see his beloved _______ again.
you guys may hate me for making this seem like the end of the series but ther is more just wait and see. I hope you don't hate that the bad touch trio is in it. Here you guys go more talking and a surprise guest but you have to read to find out more that you and hope you guys like it.
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Hashtagpeople Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
I can't find the first part of this help
Zadie39 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Morning-Glory27 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Um... Could you possibly sum up the last 2 chapters for me? I can't seem to find them. And I love the story! You're a very good writer!
mermaidfan Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Student General Artist
werewolf 2p america, vampire 2p England, naga 1p england, vampire reader, 2p incubis' prussia france and spain.
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:iconwthplz: god damn them bitches never learn!.... cant wait for the next one!
Bethwuzhere Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
Is that it??? That can't be it. I refuse to believe that that is the ending!
mermaidfan Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Student General Artist
It's not there's more just wait
5British1Kitty5 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
waah i need more!!! this is so good!!
Jolkona123 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
......... WHAT!
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