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Sequel to yandere America x reader!!!

"You'll someday be mine, (y/n)..." The wind seemed to whisper through your ear... (The words that the writer wrote were "the wind seemed to say.")

3 years later...

You were in college now! Trying to get that (major) degree so you can get that dream job you have always wanted. You just wished you and your best friend Elizabeta were going to classes together. The whole incident replayed in your head. That gruesome day, why did you ever talk to that insane boy. Yes, he was drop dead gorgeous but if only looks could kill you would also be dead.

The grief from that day made going back to a normal life hard for you. You would never trust anyone becoming close to you or having relationships with anyone ever. You tried having a relationship you know start anew although that ended with that person diing walking home from your house. A mysterious death? Tried getting a new boyfriend and that ended with the guy being decapitated. You started to believe you were cursed ever since you killed that insane boy named Alfred F. Jones. You learnt that his own family wouldn't go to his funeral. Was he that messed up?

Falling asleep at night became a chore when you knew some kind of presence was in your room... Especially when the presence begins to enter your dreams.

You dream about Alfred every night. Almost like you truly did love him. You could feel how realistic the dreams are when you dreamt about him smuthering your body in kisses, love bites, how he holds you, and fundles with specific places that are very pleasurable to your body. When you wake in the morning you find your PJs and panties scattered on the floor, your blankets moved out of the way for easy access to your body. You began to believe you were being raped. Though you found to signs of forced entry.

When you were going to give up you noticed a letter with the letters A.F.J. You read the letter:

"Soon my darling (f/n), we will be together and no one will get in between me and my eternal love for my beautiful damsel ever again! I love you, (f/n) and I forgive that little attach you did back at the party! I realize now you were really scared, well do not worry... There is no one here to get in the way of my love for you! You will be my queen and my mate for all eternity till the end of time! I cannot wait to hear you moan under me while I fill you whole with my devious love seed and rub your delicious belly full of my demonic princes.

Love you to the ends of the earth and back,

Demon King Alfred F. Jones"

You broke down and began to cry, he still planned on taking you. Why was he so determined. You did absolutely nothing but be a kind, caring person. This was not fair.

Suddenly you heard a pair of steps in your home. "Our king would be so happy with us if we bring her to him!" You heard some weird accent say. "Shhh I heard sobbing, this way." He trotted into the kitchen where he found you. Wearing just a towel, bra, and panties.

"Aww look, Fred the little girl is crying, and aww she got the message from the great demon king himself!" He cooed. You frowned. "Aww look at that adorable pout she can do, I almost want to keep her myself!"

The other one slung you over his shoulders while the one who kept calling you a baby, cooed and thought you were cute.

They snapped their fingers and they were suddenly in a new place. Right in front of a large castle.

------ next part here_______-------

The twin men true forms were revealed, they were the Italian twins, Feli and Romano. Feli was the one calling you adorable, "Let me go, you two are supposed to be the innocent Italians why are you here in hell?" You asked confused, "working for the guy who killed you in the first place?" You almost screeched.

The twins smirked at each other, "because Bella, Alfred will allow us to go to the human world." Romano sneered.

"To collect any Bella we want to have as a mate for the rest of eternity!" Feli cheered.

You were scared, what if Alfred did whatever he could to make you stay here? The Italians presented you to your best friend Elizaberta! You ran up to her to give her the 'I miss you hug,' she on the other hand was not so friendly. She glared at you, "thanks a lot for having a crush on the most evil guy, in all of hell!" She growled.

"Liz, I'm sorry. I never knew he was like that, I thought he was kind, liked everything I liked, and he cared about me. Instead he ..."

"Yeah yeah, instead he killed everyone at the party, in cold blood, just because of a tiny mistake I did, and now we all are paying for it..." Elizaberta started to tear up. She missed being alive. She really was hoping to have a family with (Austria).

"I wish I could reverse time!" You said.

Liz glared at you, "we all do!" Liz left for a minute to go look for a dress that would please the "king!" So she found a red sleeveless short dress, that had a puffy skirt, showed off the waist, and showed a lot of cleavage! But oh no this is Alfred we're talking about.

She pulled a Wonder Woman costume out. "Here what demon king wants he gets, spoiled ass!"

You took the costume hesitantly, "why do I have to wear this?" You asked.

"Because that is what the king prefers, now get in the darn thing!" Liz snarled.

You gulped, not knowing what horrors await you, you put on the skimpy costume. What you didn't realize till you were about to put on the underwear part there was a vibrater attached to the underwear. Why was Alfred trying his very best to make you so horny?

Without any other alternative, you pushed the vibrater inside your pussy. The thing started throbbing on contact to your flesh. You did your very best to hold in the crys of pain and moans. Once you got use to it and boy that was quick, the feeling was indescribable, you could feel your insides melt and untangle. This thing twitch inside you, it felt so good. The Italians escorted you to a private room for some 'random' reason. On the way there, your stomach hurt, mainly from the overwhelming pleasure vibrating in your core.

You held your climax as long as you could till you felt a sudden rush of something flow from the vibrator into your entire body. A weird feeling in your core emerged, it began to manafest, then you felt this odd feeling like there are no rules, no boundaries, you can do what you want, humans, anything is your toy! Then a spark of pain grew in your behind and back, including your chest, you screamed loudly. Feeling a pair of demon wings pop out of your back, a tail with a heart on the end growing out of your back, lastly and most painful of all, your boobs began to grow from soft balls to cantolopes in a mere two minutes.

Your costume changed as well, you were now wearing a demoness corset; showing off you newly grown mounds of pure flesh. For your lower half a type of panties that are spilt in the middle. Making easy access for guys to penatrate you. Your outfit, all black.

Your hair changed to a new black color with red at the ends! When the pain stopped, you came back to your senses, you glanced at a mirror realizing you had become a demon! To be procise a Succubus.

Alfred walked into the room, shooing away the two Italians. "Mmm, my babe, you look more delicious than I remember, did you bathe in sweets? Because you look too damn irresitable for me to wait till after dinner to sink my fangs into." Heh even now his catch phrases still need work...

"All please let me go, but first turn me back to normal!" You pleaded.

He smirked, "yeah, right, I am not letting you slip through my fingers again. And besides, you have your friends, they are all here, you don't have a reason to hate me anymore!" He was closing the gap between you and him. "Try to leave, it will end badly for you, you belong to me now! Forever and ever, I will keep you, as my pet, sex slave, or the best offer, and the one you should take, my queen! Which do you choose babe, and please pick queen, I would hate to have you as a sex slave, sharing you with all the other kings!" He growled.

Your eyes widened, "what do you mean other kings," you asked confused.

Alfred sighed, "you know, the 7 kings of sin! You have read that stupid book known as the... Ulgh holy bible right? (Sorry to those of you who are religious, I mean no disrespect to the holy bible! Although I read the manga bible which still tells me the stories of Jesus, Adam, Eve, and everyone else.) You know of the Seven Archangels of virtues. Well I'm king of Gluttony, Demon King Arthur Kirkland is king of Pride, that manwhore Francis is King of Lust, Ivan King of Wrath,  ludwig king of Greed, Hercules king of sloth, and Austria king of Envy! He has been angry since I took his precious Lizzy! But it was all for you!" He had his arms around you, just by instinct that you were trying to fight back you encircled your arms around his neck. He smirked, "I knew you couldn't stay mad at me for too long." You desperately wanted to slap him but instead you kissed him, inserting your tongue, he began to suck on your tongue till his was on top, then he took the liberty to claim territory in your mouth.

Your wings encircled him as his encircles you. His tail undid his black trousers and tore off his pure black batman boxers. His hands kneading your very smooth and squishy boobs, while his tail lifted up your right leg, your mind was going insane with how wrong this was and how you needed to escape, but your mind had no power over your body. Seemed almost like you were possessed by a demon. The tip of Alfred's tail tickled your clit, causing you to moan. Your eyes rolled in the back of your head. The sensation of your climax was closing in but your body just did not want to give you the satisfaction. You were squirting out juices, but you need to fully cum, your tail moved on its own and touched the tip of Alfred's, "oh you are such a cheater, you! Now I have no other choice!" He whispered in your ear. While moving his hand from your boob to running up and down your figure.

He now was prodding your very swollen pulsing cunt to get his lubercated then with out warning pushed his huge member up there rough, fast, hard, and deep. You cunvulsed on him right then and there. He came too and filled you whole with his seed, all you saw was white after that. For about three minutes till he pulled out.

Extended ending...

You finally let you best friend go back to Austria. She was so happy that she forgave you. That was before you found out you were preggers with 5 eggs.

The eggs grew fast, inside you, then you had to push them out, which hurt. Alfred helped you. In a weird way having sex to lubercated the exit for the eggs. It did help but just made you preggers again. So the cycle continued.

All in all Alfred got his wish, he had his perfect mate but you still regret that day you talked to him in science class, why did you ever do that? Alfred kissed you on the lips. I love you.
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Get the salt and draw all the mother fucking pentagrams. (Supernatural :3) *grabs holy water and gets a priest to bless my house.* FUCK OFF DEMON! I WILL (LET ME REPEAT) I WILL EXORCISE (I will also put you on an exercise regime.)YOU TO THE DEEPEST DEPHS OF HELL, WHERE YOUR ROOMATE IS GONNA.... (Uh, i'd rather not say what will happen.)
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Alfred: O.O What the...
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Demon America: Well then just let me crawl in next to you~
Me: *walks calmly out of my house and into the nearby church grabbing some holy water* Need this. *walks back and flicks the water on him and he hisses* Now fuck off.
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What the hell? This is basically amatuer literotica. Your grammar coukd use a little work, and maybe censor next time. The words you used that you think sound "hot", actually sound pretty ridiculous
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